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RainCorp Ltd has been helping local, national and international businesses impress the socks off their target markets since 2009.

At RainCorp, we understand every business is unique. You don’t belong in a box and you won’t find us in one either. We specialize in understanding and communicating your unique message and making sure your voice is heard. Regardless of your business size, industry or task, we can help you every step of the way – or provide the expertise you need to tackle a specific project. We’re all about telling your story, in the best possible way.

  • ■ Brand Management
  • ■ Brand Communication Design
  • ■ Research and Analysis
  • ■ Website / CMS Solutions
  • ■ Virtual reality
  • ■ Software Development

Small, friendly, creative, flexible and responsive enough to keep the most long-distance of clients smiling, we’re also very experienced at working within the design parameters of established brands. We have a knack for cementing enduring relationships through little things like meeting deadlines, disciplined processes and we get the meaning of the finite budget. This all comes back to you. So, how may we help?

Our Values



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Our Approach

It starts with a pencil and ends on a render farm. What happens between these two points is a journey of epic and sometimes not so epic proportions. What may seem like a simple task for a prince, to walk up a tower, slay the dragon and save the princess is actually a team of very creative people sacrificing their lunch break to get the motion capturing done. And while the coffee is brewing, we take the opportunity to set up the scene, model the characters, rig the bones, apply the smoke and the fake blood, make the villain look ugly and leave the rest to our render farms. This is when we finally start enjoying our coffee. It’s a painstaking job to create a new imaginary world or a new illusion every day. But the pain is worth it when you get a million smiles and two million thumbs up in return for you hard work.

Nevertheless, not everything is as happening as animations or game development. Not everything allows us to play around with things in Autodesk Maya or sculpt mount Olympus in Autodesk Mudbox. Not everything tests our Ultra Studio 4K cards or makes us place our Red Epic cameras on a tripod. Sometimes, we create wonders by simple reverting to Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator as it is the case with a website or a logo.

When dealing with our client’s digital extension, we try to distinguish between what he wants, what he needs and what we can deliver. A brainstorming session like non other takes place at this point. Like Newton, we wait for an apple to fall on our head. We start working like a data center where all ideas and suggestions are shared and some of them are agreed upon. But it’s those few that actually see the daylight are the ones we call “the one perfect design for you.”

Sometimes we just sit there, doing nothing, just staring at the skies, the trees, the empty and the busy roads, the pencil shavings, the half-filled coffee mug and even the deleted files. We do this not because we love wasting time, but because we encourage the idea of self-evaluation. It helps us achieve goals bigger than ourselves. Most of all it helps us remain true to ourselves, our clients, our philosophy and our goals.

This is Rain Corp LTD. This is where we struggle to be who we are. This is where teamwork is not just a practice, it’s a reflex action. This is where failure is not a crime, it’s a chapter in our “how never to give up” hand book. This is RAIN CORP LTD, where all pixels combine to shine as one.

What We Do

We can pull hats out of a rabbit, a sleeve out of a snake, turn ice into gold and fire into a pretty woman. Our 2D illustrations are nothing less than a pharaoh’s dream in a pyramid. Our CGI experts allow us and our clients a free pass for time travel and enter a world where we juggle with planets, redesign Optimus Prime or leave our impression in the Mayan temples. We can texture a cactus to feel like a baby’s bottom and make our logos a living talking representative of our client’s philosophy.

The strength of our communication design is such that it allows you to sell refrigerators on a glacier, water to a fish, a rock to a brick, a cage to a bird and even a lotus to a rose. Our communication design is as strong as democracy, since the majority agrees and responds it.

Our character designs are not just detailed and realistic, they have expressions and feelings. We achieve that by applying state-of-the-art techniques, years of experience and the best available hardware required for facial and body rigging. Now imagine such a character representing you in a game. If you can’t imagine that, have a look at our game development portfolio. We believe in developing experiences not just games since we don’t just intend to get stuck in your hands; we intend to get stuck in your heads.

While the world is trying to break free of all clichés of graphic design, our group of digital magicians keep mastering the wizardry of pulling stunning designs out of thin air. Their graphic and product designs are so exquisite, that you are compelled to judge a book by its cover; and judge it well.

However, what we most proudly present is our animations and VFX wing. Bringing imagination to reality again and again we have made “Inception” fit in a mug of hot coffee. And what seems like coffee is actually the ocean, quite like the one where the “Curse of the Black Pearl” still haunts Captain Jack Sparrow.

Whether creating mundane or impossible, we can coax the pixels to take any form and present to you the one idea that can pop in our brains ONLY!


Rain Corp LTD is a digital and integrated marketing agency; we deliver strategy and develop engaging experiences and strong provocative relationships between companies and their consumers.

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